Media Partners is an exclusive online portal for getting information on all upcoming national and international conference 2019. People of all ages with one or many interests are free to browse this conference alerts website anytime, anywhere. This one-stop information counter provides free access to its huge database of conferences. Ranging from the date and venue to organizer details is being available on this web portal.

World conference alerts, is basically an online platform where you can get the details about the conferences, seminars, workshops and other related events. These are the events where the best minds can share knowledge and their research outcomes and help the modern world to get the maximum utilization of knowledge. World conference alerts also invites organizers of events related to various fields across the world to get their events registered in this website. The World conference alerts is making its mark in the world of researchers and analyst, inventors and inventions, science and education ,business and economics, health and medicine and many more by providing details of related events, seminars and conferences. These are the events basically based on knowledge exchange and research sharing concepts.

Labroots emphasizes digital innovation in scientific collaboration and learning. We have become a primary source for trending scientific news, webinars, virtual conferences and more. Offering more than articles and webcasts that go beyond the mundane and explore the latest discoveries in the world of science, Labroots users can stay atop their field by gaining continuing education credits from a wide range of topics through their participation in the webinars and virtual events.

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Allied Academies every year hosts interdisciplinary international conferences worldwide on cutting-edge basic and applied research in life sciences, Pharma, Medicine, Healthcare and Nursing delivered by the best talents in industry and academia. Our conferences are oriented to drive the scientific community at large, facilitating access to the newest technical and scientific achievements and to shape future research directions through the publication of applied and theoretical research findings of the highest quality. Bound together Allied Academies has transformed into a prominent choice for the experts and academicians to display their marvellous duties. The distributer gives pursuers and creators an aggregate stage to confer their work to the overall gathering.

About WRFASE: World Research Forum for advances in Science and Engineering (WRFASE) is the most advanced global platform for Researchers, Scientists, Scholars, Students, and Industry Professionals from around the world to present their current research and foster alliances with peers. WRFASE is a paramount body which has brought technical revolution and sustainable development of Science and Engineering. WRFASE is registered under a Not for Profit organization (NPO) that has always emphasized on quality assurance and authentication. The Forum organizes various seminars, technical conferences, and workshops at different parts of the world to reduce the gap between curriculum and practical implementation among the students. The official website is :

The Universal Conference Institute is a global scientific and academic learned society founded in 2019 for the purpose of disseminating the latest academic research on various business, economics, and social sciences-related topics. The scope of our mission has expanded to include many areas of academic knowledge, including geography, education, culture, and more. The Universal Conference is becoming known for publishing quality research for the benefit of the global academic community. We also sponsor several international conferences annually attended by a diverse array of academics and professionals from many nations, cultures, and religions around the world.

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International Conference Alerts provides details about the upcoming academic conferences, seminars and workshops to be held worldwide. Academician and professionals can get their relevant updates and conference alerts through International conference alerts. International Conference Alerts provides a free subscription to its users with email notifications about upcoming Medical conferences, Engineering conferences, Business and Economics, Science and education and various conferences. Users can register and subscribe to get free conference alerts regarding upcoming international conferences 2021 at Dubai, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, USA as well as all major cities and countries across the world. This is the exact reason why was established - to provide the masses, up-to-date and incredibly reliable information on all upcoming conferences, in a variety of fields.

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PaperCrowd is a free, community-driven, directory of academic conferences. Organisers use PaperCrowd to find new researchers for their event. Researchers use PaperCrowd to find new conferences they wish to attend. We built PaperCrowd to fix the Call for Papers problem. Every chair who runs an academic conference emails a Call for Papers to promote the conference. The chair gathers a ton of email addresses from faculty, committee members, previous attendees etc into a single list and sends a mass email. This has 2 major flaws:

Researcher’s inboxes are flooded with unsolicited emails for conferences they are not interested in. (e.g. we know one chair who sent over 28,000 emails and got just 120 abstracts)

The bloated list is limited to “known” researchers and doesn’t include any new researchers who may wish to attend.