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Nursing Practice 2021

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Nursing Practice 2021

Explore and learn the latest topics on Nursing care. Meet the distinguished worldwide audience through webinar, collaborate and build partnerships at Nursing Practices 2021. We are happy to welcome all the participants to join the International Webinar on Nursing Care and Advanced Nursing on May 19-20, 2021. Nursing practice is governed towards its influence on clinical practice and outcomes, through presentations, educational workshop sessions, and influential presentations. Viewers will be provided with the tools to enhance nursing research education. It is the platform to share ideas and exchange knowledge and generate solutions.

Why to Attend?

The webinar provides a platform of sharing and gaining of knowledge all about nursing, and latest nursing strategy, as well as suggestions for ensuring the best practice and for better outcomes. Connect with highly affiliated speakers, delegates who are involved in nursing care in all the levels of healthcare services, solving challenges and learning from the experiences of others. Attending the webinar is helpful in transferring and exchanging the ideas globally with the senior levelled speakers. Participants can directly access to be key audience of professionals, researchers and can increase profile through networking at the webinar.

Target Audience:

Nursing care is open for all the professionals, leaders working in Nursing field which includes but not limited to: Professors, Directors of Association and Societies, nurses, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Healthcare workers, Investors, Nursing Associations and Societies /NGO’s, Public Health Professionals, Researchers, Academicians, Students and others. Call for proposals are open for oral papers, panel discussions and posters across the list of tracks highlighted in the website. Hoping and expect to meet at our webinar at Nursing Practice 2021 theme to inspire the number of nurses, researchers and look forward to discussing ideas, topics and findings in this International Academic webinar.

Track 1: Nursing Care

 Nurses are the ones who provide the most health care to patients as well as healthy people. The health care provided by nurses helps them to improve the quality of life of people in addition to their families and social communities. Nurses make a work plan for them to work with doctors more for patients by providing the best possible care for them. Nursing care includes independent care and collaboration for people of all ages, families, groups and communities, the sick or healthy and in all settings. It includes health promotion, disease prevention, and care for the sick, disabled, and dying.

Fig. Nursing Care

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 Track 2: Registered Nurse

Nurses are held to the idea that registered nurses are not allowed to provide evidence-based practice by testing and resolving dreary status in patients. In conjunction with the International Nursing Council is a registered medical practitioner who has utilized the knowledge, which explains in detail the basic wisdom and clinical skills from the past called the hone, in the nation they are famous for.

Fig. Registered Nurse

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Track 3: Intensive Care Nursing

 Critical consideration viewers can be discovered working in a wide assortment of situations. Critical care nursing  may be a specialty targeted on the care of unstable, inveterately unwell or post-surgical patients and people in danger from severe diseases and injuries. Different nursing specialties, a profession in critical care nursing needs to have knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, sharp clinical assessment skills. Critical care nurses are responsible to master emergency procedure techniques and therefore the use of life-saving instrumentality like cardioverters, inhalers, nebulizers and mechanical ventilation.

Fig.Intensive Care Nursing

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Track 4:  Mental Health, Psychiatrist and Addictions Nursing

 Psychiatric-mental health nursing is an integral part of the continuity of nursing practice. The practice of psychiatric mental health registered nurses includes the provision of patient-centred mental health and psychiatric care and treatment and evaluation in a variety of settings across the entire continuity of care.  It is a community to promote mental health, to prevent mental illness and suffering and rehabilitation of the mentally ill and if necessary to find meaning in these experiences. They require extension education in physical and mental health assessment, development, implementation and integration of care, the diagnosis of mental health conditions, psychotherapypsychopharmacology, practice evaluation and consultation.

Fig. Mental Health & Psychiatrist

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Track 5: Paediatric Nursing

 Paediatric Nursing is nursing which is for the fetouses, infants, children and young adults. It is also called as child nursing. It is defined by patient’s age preferably by a specific condition. The paediatric surgeons have to go through with wide range of physiological differences between each of the age groups from new-borns to near- adults. A paediatric nurse provides the medical care to Child with acute and chronic medical conditions.

Fig. Paediatric Nursing

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Track 6:  Cardiovascular Nursing

 Cardiovascular Nursing is a stream that works with patients who experience the various types of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiac nurses play an important role in the prevention, diagnosis.  Cardiovascular nurses help respective conditions, for example, uncertain angina, cardiomyopathy, coronary vein disease, congestive heart dissatisfaction, myocardial restricted putrefaction and cardiovascular dysrhythmia under the course of a cardiologist. Cardiac nurses are critical to fight against heart disease and to care for patients, but also to promote healthy lifestyle choices for them.


Fig. Cardiovascular Nursing

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Track 7: Emergency Nursing

Emergency Nursing is a field in which nurses care for patients in case of emergency phase of their illness or injuries and are adapted to life-threatening problems. They rapidly and effectively carry out life saving measures and other treatment, acting with a high degree of liberty and ability to provide needed measures without direction and educating the patients their families with the information and support needed for them. Emergency nurses and other emergency medical professionals, are preferred to work in fast-paced and also in often stressful environments.

Fig. Emergency Nursing

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Track 8: Women Health and Midwifery Nursing             

 Midwifery Nursing is specialized in taking care about the maternity, childbirth. Midwifery nurse provide knowledge and health care services for women including contraceptive counselling, gynaecological examinations, labour and delivery care. Midwives play an important role in educating the women a way to place her health and also baby’s health. Gynaecological malignancies and Women health nursing centres can be a specific fields of prescription that detecting the diseases of the feminine regenerative framework, as well as gonad tumours, female internal reproductive organ growth, cervical growth, and female genitals malignancy.

Fig. Midwifery Nursing

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Track 9: Community Health Nursing

 Community health nursing is a nursing practice in a community setting which provide health services, preventive care, health education to communities or populations. Community Health nursing could be a direction that comes with evidenced-based analysis in coexistence with advances in science and new approaches for raising the health .A community could be a group of individuals in a specific location where generally public belongs to multiple forms of communities. Community health nursing is often practiced in geographic locations like cities and rural areas around the world.

Fig. Community Health Nursing

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Track 10: Legal Nurse and Practitioner

 A legal nurse is an experienced registered nurse who brings his/her knowledge about medical training and education into the legal field and acts as a counsellor for legal matters. Nurses also take part in the cases where the presence of a medical expert would be beneficial. Nursing includes professionals in clinical nursing, healthcare quality assurance and healthcare risk management. Many legal issues may focus on nurses’ professional negligence, employment, discrimination and licensing. Nurse Practice has laws in each state that are overseen by the state boards of nursing. They are also responsible for determining who is competent to practice nursing.

Fig. Legal Nurse

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Track 11: Public Health Care

Public health nurses comprise the largest professional part in public health and are involved in the prevention, education and evaluation of Public Health. They play a vital role in the prevention of disease and help to promote community health and safety. It work by administering medication, educating and counselling patients and their families on diagnosis and treatments, assessing and monitoring a patient’s essential health signs.  Most nurses care for only one patient at a time, whereas public health nurses care for entire populations. The capability to work with communities allows public health nurses to help in educating the community about health issues and to improve their health, safety and facilitate access to care themselves.

Fig. Public Health Care

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Track 12: Clinical Nursing

Clinical Nursing has specialists who are registered nurses with graduate level nursing. They are clinical specialists in evidence-based nursing practice treating and managing the health concerns of patients and populations. The specialists provide personal care to patients such as paediatrics, oncology and geriatrics .They may also act as consultants and also assist other medical professionals who work to improve patient. Clinical nursing is categorized as an advance practice registered nurse as it requires high education and clinical training

Fig. Clinical Nursing

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Track 13: Oncology Nursing

 Oncology Nursing is medical assistant who worries about patient sickness and take care of the patients suffering with cancer and tumours. They examine, go through and check the condition of the patients. Oncology nurses are trained to provide care and treatment to patient through chemotherapy and radiation treatment. These assistants need thorough confirmations and clinical encounters in medical speciality nursing program.  They educate and care for high-risk patients.

Fig. Oncology Nursing

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Track 14: Surgical Nursing

Surgical nursing is a care provided to the patient before, during, and after surgery.  Surgical nursing has a career that can be very demanding. They work along with the surgical teams to make sure that patients are receiving the necessary care. Surgical nurses are responsible for providing nursing assistance during surgical process with include the operative phases of surgery. Remuneration of a nurse varies depending upon where they work.  Surgical nurses may participate in different types of surgeries like general Surgery, cardiovascular surgery, orthopaedic surgery, etc.

Fig. Surgical Nursing

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Track 15: Geriatric Nursing

geriatric nurse is an expert who can assist old patients live through illness or injuries by providing responsible care and developing patient healthcare suggestions. They may also promote rehabilitation and conduct check-ups with skilful care facilities in order to provide good quality and highest functionality of life for older adults.  Geriatric Nurses are supposed to be experienced in patient care and treatment, education, mental health, and rehabilitation and can also be a counsellors, and educators for the patients.

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Track 16: Nursing Management

Nursing management includes the team of organizing, delegating tasks, directing, staffing and planning. Registered nurses typically undergo additional education in order to further progress into management-level positions. Nursing care management may also include examine of customer's physical, mental, and social needs, at the point of building up an individualized arrangement of nursing care.

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Track 17: Diabetes Nursing

Diabetes nursing is for the patients who suffer from diabetes which is a condition that alters the body ability to build or ingest enough insulin.  This includes in assisting the patients in observing their blood sugar and its medications, helping to lessen diabetic nerve damage, conducting nutritional therapy and also educating the patients and their families on proper diet, exercise and lifestyle. Diabetes nurses should own excellent communication skills in order to circulate information between patients, physicians, family members and sometimes even for insurance companies.

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Track 18: Dental Nursing

Dental Nursing is care taken to prevent dental disease and to support proper dental or oral health. Oral health problem includes dental, periodontal infections, dry mouth, tooth decay which are treatable with proper diagnosis and care. There are registered dental nurse who are extremely experts in treating dental problems. The dental nurse plays a key role in the organization and management of the dental practice and also assists the dentist in all aspects of patient treatment and care. The dental nurse can also be involved with the management of the dental surgery.

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 Track 19: Practical Nursing Teaching Strategies:

 Innovation in nursing education can be a collaborative work to explore and inspire a new generation of nurses. The nursing teacher plays a major role in the lives of nursing students; uses effective methods to introduce topics and their depth to students. She must take advantage of the technology opportunity in nursing. He must convince scholars who study vogue. Interest rates for nursing students are improved in a number of ways such as non-discriminatory inquiries, conducting nurses' debates, and the height of nursing conference topics. The purpose of this concept is to develop a technology-based nursing course and to clarify goals requiring additional dialogue among nursing college. 

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Track 20: Dermatology Nursing

Dermatology nursing is a specialization in the treatment of a variety of skin diseases and its conditions. The field of dermatology is incredibly wide, as skin is a one of the important organ of the body. Most of nurses in this field work for private doctors, mostly with plastic surgeons who assist the surgical procedures or dermatologists who would take up the work in burn ward for a hospital. The work of a dermatologist prompt cleaning and dressing the burn wounds of patients, guiding and controlling pain, and to ensure patients breathing abilities and disallow the spread of infection.

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Global Analysis Of Nursing Care :

The nursing care market comprises of sales of nursing care and related goods that provide home health care and familial nursing care. This field includes organisations that provide home healthcare services, nursing care facilities, personal services, counselling services, vocational therapies, social services, and nutritional services. Nursing care includes people who need thorough rehabilitative care and help in delivering right care to people at right time. Nursing care representation comprises of team nursing, primary nursing and progressive patient care.

Nursing care provides assurance of quality healthcare services to patients. Actual nursing care gives pleasure to the patients and thus making them responsible towards hospitals. Nursing care is a long term care plan which includes nursing homes, home care, and assisted living.

The global nursing care market is believed to be increased through $1010.1 billion in 2019 to $1058.6 billion in 2020 at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%  since the huge desire for nursing care contributors including emergency medical service, nurses, nursing attendants, physicians, trainees. There is a growth in demand for home health-care employee comprising nurses, therapists and personal care adviser. In present day there is increased demand of nursing care due to rise in aging population. Additionally, increase in healthcare awareness and long term care system also promote the growth of the global nursing care market. The market is assumed to grow at a CAGR of 7% through 2021 and reach $1374.9 billion by 2023.  Western Europe was the largest sector in the global nursing care market, which accounts for 43% of the market in 2019. North America was the second largest sector accounting for 33% of the global nursing care market. Africa was the smallest sector in the global nursing care market. 

The significant competitors in the global nursing care market are Genesis Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Brookdale Senior Living, The Ensign Group, Kaiser Permanente, Brookdale Senior Living, The Ensign Group,

The countries enclosed in the global nursing care market are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt.

Top universities of nursing care in USA

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Duke University.
  • University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
  • University of Pennsylvania.
  • Emory University
  • Ohio State University.
  • University of Pittsburgh.

Top universities of nursing care in UK

  • University of Glasgow
  • Coventry University
  • University of Portsmouth
  • Keele University
  • Swansea University
  • University of Manchester

Top universities of nursing care in Asia pacific

  • Seoul National University
  • Peking University
  • Tsinghua University
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • University of Hong Kong
  • National University of Singapore

Top universities of nursing care in Middle East

  • Monash University
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • University of North Carolina
  • Karolinska Institute
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong



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